I tend to reminisce when a year is coming to an end. I read through old blog posts, old journal entries, and even watch old family videos. I feel like lately Chase and I have been on an emotional roller coaster, containing many ups and downs. As I looked back on previous blog posts, I was taken back to a day in September when I wrote about the biggest heartbreak we had experienced as a couple (up to that point). Since then, we have experienced three other miscarriages. Each one breaking our hearts a little bit more than the last one. 

This has not been an easy path for us to forge down. We are extremely blessed with WONDERFUL family and close friends. Our struggles have drawn us closer to some, and they seem to have distanced us from others. We are continuing to learn from our struggles and responses. We are constantly seeking God and looking forward to the plans He has for us. We know they are to prosper and not to harm us, Jeremiah 29:11. Our faith has grown in leaps and bounds, but it is still being tested. 

Some may wonder why write about our deepest hurts on a public blog… It’s my way of reaching out to others. Feeling like you’re alone during any trial is an awful feeling. I never want someone to feel like they are alone. 

“Your most effective ministry comes out of your deepest hurts.”

For now, we are just searching for answers, visiting specialists, and praying continually. God is with us, He is Immanuel. We just have to believe. I hope 2013 blesses you and your loved ones richly. I look forward to see what God blesses us with this year. 


In Him,

Chase & Brie


Today I am thankful for… laughing! There are so many things out there that get us down, but there are also many things that can make us laugh so hard until we cry. A good laugh can turn our day around! I love those moments. 

Here’s a video that may make you laugh… A LOT! 

Today I am thankful for… Max! He and I have been through a lot together. He’s always there when Chase leaves town. He just seems to sense emotion, and when I need someone to come sit and cuddle with me. I’m a little partial, but he is the cutest puppy ever! : ) 

Today I am thankful for… the nice, crisp fall weather that finally found us in Fort Worth! We’ve been waiting so long for it! 

Today I am thankful for… the Christian leader of my household, Chase. He is the most amazing guy ever. When I have a rough day, he pauses and prays with me for the things that are troubling me. This guy really does shine for God!!!

Today I am thankful for… my mom only being a phone call away! We live TOO far away from each other and it’s a real struggle for both of us. I’m just lucky enough to be able to dial her number and tell her whatever funny, trivial, minor, exciting news I have to tell her that quickly. Multiple times a day! : ) 

Today I am thankful for… The seasons of life that Chase and I have been through. They aren’t easy, but God is VERY faithful!